Jun 2015



A four hour and twenty minute show! / Michael Ray Bower’s “Salute Your Shorts” Reunion / The Othy Schwering Show is back! / Mike’s worries about gaming / More on Louis C.K. and his pee-pee / Fred Armisen is a creature / Adam Carolla sinks to a new low / This and much more. Enjoy!


May 2015

RBVGS: S01 E02

The Rad Bear Video Game Show S01 E02

After almost three hours of trouble shooting nonsense, Mike & Sven are at it again! Please forgive us for the shitty audio quality, we are working on a fix! In this episode, Mike, Sven and others battle one of Red Bar’s most insane listeners, Jeff Jordache. You might remember him from an after-show we did back on 06-17-14. Watch us murder Jeff over and over while he runs from us begging us to leave him alone. Enjoy!

May 2015

RBVGS: S01 E01

The Rad Bear Video Game Show: S01 E01

Finally, Mike figures out how to record his the stream and him and Sven Stoffels attempt to play GTAV together for the very first time! Still a few issues to work out, but the guys have fun anyway. We start getting real high off tweed and the giggles begin. Enjoy! (We are fully aware that these videos are complete shit.)

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May 2015

RBVGS: S01 E00

The Rad Bear Video Game Show: S01 E00 [Test Show Pt.1]

Mike sets up the new Playstation 4 and tests out the all-new stream. Excuse the low quality, this stream was recorded by a listener on their end because Mike didn’t know how to record it. Episodes to come will have much higher audio/video quality.

This episode starts off in the middle of Mike trying to play the prologue of Grand Theft Auto V, a mandatory part of the game that you’re forced to play in order to get to the fucking around part. No in-studio webcam set up for this one yet, but Mike enables it in part two of this episode. Watch as Mike works out the kinks and learns about new things that frustrate him. Enjoy!


The Rad Bear Video Game Show: S01 E00 [Test Show Pt.2]

Mike continues to test out the all-new Playstation 4 and stream. (Excuse the low quality, this stream was recorded by a listener on their end because Mike didn’t know how to record it. Episodes to come will have much higher audio/video quality.)

Mike enables the in-studio webcam and is joined by a listener named Justin. Watch as Mike makes a character in GTAV and takes him out for a test ride around the game’s map.

May 2015


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Mar 2015


We’re constantly being used, manipulated, and lied to by companies and celebrities so that they can move product and line their pockets. Advertising has gotten so out of control, and we have gotten so used to it that hearing a guy like me bitch about it almost comes off as “petty.”

I’ve been barking about this stuff for years now, and seem to be gravitating more and more in this direction. I understand that many of you don’t like this sort of “content.” Comes off as “whiney,” “annoying,” “preachy.” Maybe I’m not doing a good enough job of articulating. Maybe my anger and frustration is getting in the way.

Regardless, I feel motivated beyond my control to continue talking about these sorts of issues. I’m hoping to reach out to more likeminded people via Red Bar, and with that, I suspect many of the show’s listeners will be disappointed. So many of the listeners that fell in love with the show that I hosted in my early twenties, have found it tough to find that same love for the show I host now.

Without generalizing and pissing you all off, I believe that I was a fucking idiot in those earlier days of the show. An idiot who maybe attracted a bunch of other idiots. I’m constantly trying to get to that “next level,” and in the process, disappointing a lot of you. I’ve found that the people who beg for the “old Red Bar” are not the sorts of people I’d find myself associating with in my “real” life. I feel held back by their criticism.

I’ve thought about this long and hard. The current version of the show (me bitching about things I’m strongly passionate about) will most likely be the format of the show indefinitely. It feels right to me. I’m proud of the shows I’ve been putting out. I want to get better. I want to provoke thought, make people laugh, and participate in contributing to the big picture.

This is the kind of content that stimulates me. It’s not been met with with much excitement but something in my gut tells me to keep pushing. I want people to like the show, but not at the expense of my integrity. I hope to attract a following of people that dig this kind of stuff, but I understand that people are in different places and may not wan’t this kind of stuff pumped into their ears during the only free time they may have.

This is the show I wanna do. Motivated more than ever right now. But I need help from the people who connect to this sort of content. Your voices are completely overshadowed by the section of listeners who want to hear me scream the word “nigger” at a Dominos pizza employee. Not that that kind of stuff doesn’t rule, I just think there are more important things to be doing.

I’d rather have 200 fans that I respect than 50,000 morons who just wanna see me dance. Here’s your chance to opt out. I want to move forward.

Share this type of shit if it means anything to you: – Might not be my best work but work I find important. Maybe eventually the audience will fill up, slowly but surely, with people who care about these things as much as I do.


Mar 2015

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