May 2024


8.5 HOURS! / Caught in the act / MARTHAS / “Someday You’ll Die” by Nikki Glaser / Everyone on the Tom Brady roast had 20 ghost-writers (just like Drake) / Mike’s water has lithium in it too! / Mike and Jules meet singer-songwriter Joanna Sternberg and the band Alvvays! / WE WATCHED: Baby Reindeer + We’ve got some “Marthas” of our own / Hannah Gadsby friendship request / Macklemore is back with a song for Palestine / Jerry Seinfeld gets WATCHED by protesters / Mike’s new enemy: Sabrina Carpenter / A confused Doug Stanhope starts a WAR with Redbar! / Nikki Glaser discusses her new music career with Theo Von / SONG: “Give It A Year” by Scott Pires / NOAI / Reviewing more $20 Yeezy items from Kanye West / Forgiving Diddy / We are students of Terrance Howard’s “Terryology” / WE WATCHED: Challengers / SONG: “Schmee Schmokin” by Richie Rich / CHRISSY CHAOS! Chris Distefano could not be more nervous and screwed up! Joe Rogan and Jeff Wittek are concerned, and so are we! / Steel Toe Aaron Imholte auctioneer-style begging / REDBAR IN THE WILD: Redbar brought up at Netflix is a Joke Fest, Brian Redban, TJ Miller plays mind games with Mike, Jim Norton & Nikki / Jelly Roll EXPOSED! Disgusting footage resurfaces (EXPLICIT!) / The Deterioration of Yannis Pappas! Yannis scrambles after being told “Redbar’s Watching” / Bill Maher lead Mike down the wrong path / Howie Mandel is obsessed with us and WE NEED PROTECTION! Feat. Lou and Pete Holmes / Kill Tony “Golden Ticket Winner” Tier List / Reviewing the most twisted moments from Kill Tony’s LA arena show / Tony Hinchcliffe degrades Jeremiah Wonders at roast of Dr. Phil / This and much more. Enjoy!

Apr 2024


New Necktie / We Can Do It With A Broken Heart / The people are turning on Taylor Swift – not us! / Get Travis Kelce off podcasts / WE WATCHED: Fallout / New Rise Song / Redbar in Theaters / Mike is a Neal Brennan stan / REDBAR IN THE WILD: TJ Miller discusses his Redbar past on Misery Loves Company with Kevin Brennan / Mineral water, The Wizard, and Martin the Water Sommelier / The Biggest Misunderstanding in the Universe feat. Vito and Dick Masterson / Behind the scenes pics from Josh Denny’s highly anticipated new stand-up special! / Did we uncover a Kid Cudi SCAM? / SHIN MIKE! The Davids have gone goofy for Godzilla! / Old friends Dante Nero and Anthony Cumia share their current thoughts on Redbar / Rare pic of Cumia and Missy / NOFX fans TURN on Fat Mike / H3 NEW SET DISASTER! Millionaire Ethan Klein and his bonehead staff reveal their hideous new set – we celebrate! / REDBAR IN THE WILD: Finally getting the respect we deserve from A-Lister Howie Mandel / Getting a laugh from Menace Material Entertainment feels amazing / NEED: Tony Hinchcliffe Variety magazine cover / Roseanne exposes Joe Biden / WE WATCH: Michael Fishman in the role of a lifetime, Abducted by Teacher / CONTEST: The JD33 Gristle Tone Cover Challenge! / Jules is addicted to the Dabbleverse / This and much more. Enjoy!

Apr 2024


ATTELL EVERYBODY! / You can be Attell as well! For cheap! / Will Beyonce be the next Diddy? / New TV RISE song debut / Dave Attell’s new special, Hot Cross Buns / Mocktails / David Chang is a trademark abuser / WE WATCHED: Curb Your Enthusiasm finale / Jail Andrew Huberman / Chrissie Mayr begs for a new studio / Joker 2 / REDBAR IN THE WILD: Christian Financial Investigation, The Adam Friedland Show ft. Nick Mullen, Adam22 / Sam and Colby visit The Comedy Mothership / THE HAUNTED HOTEL: HAUNT OR BE HAUNTED! / Mike uncovers the possible paranormal origins of his mysterious illness! / Jules mocks spirits / Tie Guy / Testing out Ghost Communication Equipment / A “Black Snack” Taste-Test helps us close the portal feat. JB Smoove and Sarah Silverman on Dinner Time Live / The first ever simultaneous blood ritual, Roadhouse film critique, Kanye West WET tank top merch review / Comedy Enforcement finally respects us! / the J Cole vs Kendrick Lamar beef feat. Matt Rife / JD33 UPDATE! Josh Denny and Big Spit fly into a rage when they realize they aren’t getting any money / THE JD33 GUITAR DEMO VIDEO ft. Josh Denny himself! / George Janko manifests a cigar lounge / Grandpa Davidson’s chest of treasures / REDBAR IN THE WILD: Nick Goossen, Panicked Guy, Anthony Fantano, JD Delay, Podcast Cringe, Adam Ferrone (Bar Stool, Pup Punk) / Will Compound Media soon close for good? Anthony Cumia discusses recent firings / Tom Segura’s dark twisted mind coming to Netflix / Joey Diaz sweats as JRE discusses Diddy’s crimes / Phillip Defranco’s eating disorder / Tim Dillon blonde reveal / “Tim Dillon looks like F’in Sh*t on this podcast” / CHEAP CHAMPIONS: The Tim Dillon Show / This and much more. Enjoy!

Mar 2024


Mike got a Shredder / Mike’s Torah Portion / We’ve been EDITED OUT by Whitney and Bobby Lee! / Mike’s morning routine / INVASION: Sam Tripoli encroaches on our territory once again / RISE Song contest? / WE WATCHED: 3 Body Problem (A show about smoking) / Pleading with the clippers again / Kevin Brennan is a senior citizen that can’t see / REDBAR WILD: Hasan Piker, Ex YMH producer Nadav, Comedian Na’im Ali / Mike is very excited about the new Beetlejuice movie / Kanye, YesJulz and Milo Yiannopoulos / Is Kanye finally getting over Jesus? / The Schneiderverse: Michael Ray Bower finally gets his day in the sun! / HARASSMENT! Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee scare Bobbi Althoff off the set of Bad Friends! / POR OSOS TASTE TEST! Can Mike finish the bottle? / Por Osos merch scam update / PREDICAMENT! What do we do about Josh Denny’s JD33 guitar? / Josh Denny finally announces the special we’ve all been waiting for / REDBAR WILD: Whitney Cummings and Annie Lederman, Coppercab, Alex Stein, Donnell Rawlings, Matt Mckusker, MMA Guru, Menace Material Entertainment, A Tale of Two Thais / Sam Morril makes a fool of himself on local Utah news / Sam Tallent pulls a flyer scam on innocent Japanese consumers / Joe Rogan learns guitar / PROTECT OUR PARKS: Joe Rogan, Shane Gillis, and Mark Normand come together to belittle Ari Shaffir’s stupid new podcast / This and much more. Enjoy!

Mar 2024


NEARLY 8-HOURS! / Magazines are for the rich / Sticker Theory / Mike at The Oscars / Steel Toe Bikini strip-show! April and Aaron win us over with an amorous display / Reviewing an $85 magazine – No Erotica #4 ft. Dasha Nekrasova / A listener love story / Redbar does NPR Tiny Desk / Our new favorite Eminem lyric / Double-dashing to punish Doordash drivers / Eric Weinstein “Whouaghrtz” song by Phillip / Adam Friedland survives a REDBAR’S WATCHING-ing / REDBAR IN THE WILD: Whitney Cummings and Bobby Lee discuss Redbar’s catastrophic effect on the comedy community / Thai Rivera and Kim Congdon embarrass themselves in a teen-like DM battle over the Comedy Mothership / CORRECTION/APOLOGY: The video that changed Mike’s stance on Palestine / REDBAR IN THE WILD: Tim Heidecker & Vic Berger make our day on Office Hours / CHEAP CHAMPIONS FOLLOW UP: The Por Osos merch is even CHEAPER than we realized! / Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura CAUGHT BY MIKE in big merch scam! / Dr Drew and Bert Kreischer react to Crack Amico’s “2 Bears 1 Grave” diss track on Legion of Skanks / Michael Fishman gets worked up on IG stories / GRANDPA’S GIFTS / NOSTALGIA: We check in with some old friends from Youtube, Gabe and Wetmovie1 / Hey Big Mike Majlak violently storms off the set of Jeff FM! / Bill Maher charms the stunning “Guys We Fucked” sisters on Club Random / Tom Green’s “3rd degree burns” / This and much more. Enjoy!

Feb 2024


8-HOURS! / Extreme acts of protest / RIP Richard Lewis / Mike prefers SELENA to CARNIVAL / Addicted to throat spray / Mike’s midlife gear crisis / Betting on the Superbowl / The real reason Mike hates ads / Aaron Immolate – discussing the burning man / Fun new political chants / LISTENER SONGS by Richie Rich and Joshua Hammond / Comedian Naim Ali gives us a shoutout on Twitter / Moshe Kasher steals Mike’s look / POR OSOS / CHEAP CHAMPIONS: We review Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura’s new Por Osos merch – it’s CHEAP! / 21 Savage and Adin Ross – the details that no one else will show you / The Shane Gillis Predicament: We review Shane’s SNL appearance as die-hard SNL fans / WE WATCHED: Oppenheimer, The Iron Claw, True Detective finale / Female Comedy Hour: our favorite bits from Taylor Tomlinson and Kim Congdon’s new specials / REDBAR IN THE WILD: Gregg Turkington, Ethan and Hila Klein, Uncle Lazer, Spectre Sound Studios / I NEED THAT JD33! Josh Denny has a new passion, and we’re INTERESTED! / Logic and Seth MacFarlane make us wince on Logic’s new podcast / Kill Tony – Tony Hinchcliffe ruins a band member’s song release and learns a brand new tech tip / Cumia Cute! Grandpa games adorably / Thomas Middleditch is a gaming streamer now / Sam Morril and Joe Rogan suffer each other’s presence on JRE / This and much more. Enjoy!

Jan 2024


Presents from Mike’s birthday / Redbar is older than some of its listeners / Really cute Patrice Martine moment / Sam Tallent suffers from a Meltonic leg condition / Instagram won’t stop violating Mike’s political rights / AG1 is KILLING Mike / SONG: “High Time” by Joshua Hammond / Comedian Gary Gulman died / Taylor Tomlinson’s new “Late Nigh” show, After Midnight / WE WATCHED: True Detective Night Country ft. Mike’s new pet peeve / Steven Crowder’s wife alludes to “legal abuse” / Jordan Peterson is no longer a doctor :( / A shocking discovery about Tim Apple / REDBAR IN THE WILD: ft. Ms. Henry (old lady), Dan Soder, Brian Redban, Tim Hiedecker, Hella Mark Harley, Hasan Piker, Howie Mandel, Mind War Studios, & Logan Paul! / 2Lazy2Try SAVES REDBAR and shows the world what Andrew Santino, Joey Diaz & Sam Tripoli did to us! / ROMANCE: Bert and Leanne Kreischer try to initiate FOURSOME with Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie XO on Something’s Burning / MATCHMAKING! We arrange a marriage for Shane Gillis / Chris Delia’s bad acting backfires in new interview with Soft White Underbelly’s ULTRA SUSPICIOUS photographer Mark Laita – What is Mark hiding!? / EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Uncle Lazer confronted by Redbar fan at show about his controversial stolen joke from Bill Burr. CHAOS ENSUES! / This and much more. Enjoy!