Jan 2024


Presents from Mike’s birthday / Redbar is older than some of its listeners / Really cute Patrice Martine moment / Sam Tallent suffers from a Meltonic leg condition / Instagram won’t stop violating Mike’s political rights / AG1 is KILLING Mike / SONG: “High Time” by Joshua Hammond / Comedian Gary Gulman died / Taylor Tomlinson’s new “Late Nigh” show, After Midnight / WE WATCHED: True Detective Night Country ft. Mike’s new pet peeve / Steven Crowder’s wife alludes to “legal abuse” / Jordan Peterson is no longer a doctor :( / A shocking discovery about Tim Apple / REDBAR IN THE WILD: ft. Ms. Henry (old lady), Dan Soder, Brian Redban, Tim Hiedecker, Hella Mark Harley, Hasan Piker, Howie Mandel, Mind War Studios, & Logan Paul! / 2Lazy2Try SAVES REDBAR and shows the world what Andrew Santino, Joey Diaz & Sam Tripoli did to us! / ROMANCE: Bert and Leanne Kreischer try to initiate FOURSOME with Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie XO on Something’s Burning / MATCHMAKING! We arrange a marriage for Shane Gillis / Chris Delia’s bad acting backfires in new interview with Soft White Underbelly’s ULTRA SUSPICIOUS photographer Mark Laita – What is Mark hiding!? / EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Uncle Lazer confronted by Redbar fan at show about his controversial stolen joke from Bill Burr. CHAOS ENSUES! / This and much more. Enjoy!

Jan 2024


8-HOURS! / Mike “commutes” to the studio / We’ve been watching On Cinema / What Showtime’s “The Curse” means to Mike / Ariana Grande is very mean / Mike & Jules witness Warrant (the band) have a rough time at the New Years Eve Taco Bell Taco Drop in Tucson / Mike is against Mumford & Sons sounding music / Comedians are wrong about Hollywood / G Flip covers Cruel Summer and the importance of the mainstream / Redbar Facebook Group stars / IN MY DEFENSE – Mike responds to a viewer’s criticism / The Golf Cart Boys grew up to be The NYC Tunnel Men / Loudermilk / Patrice Martine vs Chad Zumock / Anthony Cumia returns and debuts a new studio / REDBAR IN THE WILD feat. Joe Derosa, Redban, Uncle Laser, Kanye West and Anthony Fantano! / Adam Friedland guests on Hasan Piker’s stream / Biden’s hecklas give us ideas / REDBAR’S WATCHING! Matt Rife meets THE HECKLA! / Aubrey Marcus on stage in Serbia / Jelly Roll speaks to congress / George Janko is about to become a real problem feat. Andrew Tate / Brian Redban is getting married / Michael Knowles reviews Trump impressions ft. Shane Gillis / Steven Crowder’s new scheme to erase his crimes #cleanslate / Joey Diaz is done with comedy / Dr. Drew fired from YMH / Tony Hinchcliffe discusses his mafia history on Not Today, Pal podcast / Tony Hinchcliffe humiliated while battling the evil Mandel Family on the Howie Mandel Does Stuff Podcast / This and much more. Enjoy!

Dec 2023


8-HOURS! / NEW YEARS PRE-PARTY! / Mike finally gets his in-ears / Cigarettes for cinematic purposes / Mike’s Christmas dinner / Mike’s New Years resolutions / We hate the holidays, re-caps and end of year lists / Waygu ground beef is a scam / Mike’s Christmas gifts / Kanye Vultures updates + inspiring new speech / Playing JokeWRLD’s holiday game: “Where Would You Sit?” / Highly Requested: Jim Norton and new wife holiday vlog / Zac Amico shows up LATE on Real Ass Podcast / GIVING AWAY $5,000 Part Two: Five lucky viewers receive $500 each! / Mike buys a viewer ONE THING off his Amazon Wish List / Our friendship with Brian Redban deepens / Barber from Steven Crowder’s video isn’t happy with Mike! / REDBAR IN THE WILD: Whitney Cummings, Chris and Ali Podcast, Josh Wolf, Uncle Laser and Kill Tony’s Jared Nathan / The downfall of Tom Segura continues / FULL REVIEW: Tom Segura’s pathetic “episode of television”, “69 Minutes” / Checking in LIVE with Kill Tony’s disastrous first big arena show! / Tony Hinchcliffe’s INSANE office tour / Benny Blanco and Lil Dicky. What are they hiding? / Sam Tallent and Howie Mandel on Matt and Shane’s secret podcast / The real story behind comedian Neel Nanda’s death / FULL REVIEW: Sam Tallent’s new Youtube special, “The Toad’s Morale” / This and much more. Enjoy!

Dec 2023


7-HOURS! / Peterson welcomes a new baby / How to deal with nude people in public / SONG:”RedestBars” by Jackson Davis / Kanye’s Vultures listening party livestream goes perfectly / WE WATCHED: Killers of the Flower Moon, Leave the World Behind / REDBAR IN THE WILD: Robby Hoffman, Def Noodles, Biggest Problem in the Universe podcast, YMH’s head producer, Heather Mcdonald follow-up / Comedians love comedian deaths / HANUKKAH GIVEAWAY! We’re giving away $5,000 to listeners in need / Stavros and Nick Mullen comedy special review / Goofy Joe rogan moments on Protect Our Parks with Mark Normand and Shane Gillis / Rich Vos vs Andrew Schulz joke steal? Who stole! / Bill Maher treats Steve-O how he deserves / STEVE-O SEX CRIME! Cancelable “S.A.” from Steve-O’s past unearthed! / Coke Zero experiments (Coke-Half) / Matt Rife exposed by Brooke Schofield on Cancelled podcast – You wont believe what he did!!! / Bryan Callen debuts a new fool’s sip subtype on The Fighter and The Kid feat. Adam 22 / Steven Crowder infiltrates a black barbershop and causes mass confusion / “Sex Addict” Chris Delia visits the last place on earth he should be + we meet Ryan Pownall / Tony Hinchliffe goes too far with his abuse of Redban on Kill Tony / REDBAR’S WATCHING: HECKLA STRIKES AGAIN ft. Sam Morril / Joe List and Kerryn Feehan secret affair? / This and much more. Enjoy

Dec 2023


7-HOURS! / Mike had a sex dream about Bill Maher / SONG: “Kids” by Joshua Hammond / Why is Mike always at the mall? NEW MALL STORY! / WE WATCHED: May December, Daily Wire’s Lady Ballers / REDBAR’S WATCHING: The Heckla’ strikes again feat. Andrew Santino / Mike finds a new comedian that he LIKES! / We check in on the live premier of Nick Mullen’s new comedy special / Zooming in on The Disneyland streaker / Jason Nash begs for money from his fans on TikTok / Prices are too damn high! REDBAR HANUKKAH GIVEAWAY for those in need! / Mike takes a pic of Britney Spears / BEWARE! INFLUENCER FOODS: Mike reviews Pokimane’s disgusting cookies and Rhett and Link’s new cereal / REDBAR IN THE WILD feat. Dark Dino, Tim Pool, Kevin Brennan, Heather McDonald, Secrets of Standup, Luis J. Gomez and Zac Amico / A Big Speech about Luis J Gomez / Ethan Klein finally quits Leftovers / Sam Tripoli completes his training / Jocko Willink’s suspicious relationship with his daughter / Joe Rogan takes a compliment / Tom Segura acts real fancy on Variety’s comedian round table / Josh Denny prepares wardrobe for his stand-up special / Jason Ellis learns what Simp means / Aubrey Marcus and Jake Paul discuss their erotic ayahuasca trip / Roseanne slays on Club Random with Bill Maher / AWKWARD! Steve-O makes an ass of himself on the Danny Brown podcast / This and much more. Enjoy!

Nov 2023


8.5 HOURS! / Going Houdini / Tom Segura’s “Money Shots” / Why did Greg Fitzsimmons follow Mike on IG? / The Very Nadav Show / Bert Kreischer discusses Tom Segura’s downfall with the Workaholics / WE WATCHED: The Curse / Mike is censoring members in the BBG / Puff Diddy Combs accused of multiple crimes! / Osama returns / Josh Denny trips on stage / Bill Burr’s wife Nia Burr needs our help! / Paul Joseph Watson steals from us? / Woman accuses Tony Hinchcliffe of misdeeds at The Comedy Store! / Tony Hinchcliffe on Triggernometry / Justice for Ana! Fan dies at Taylor Swift show / Kanye brings a laptop to Saudi Arabia + new Kanye song surfaces / Jan 6 guys are innocent now / Bert Kreischer ****’s himself on stage / REDBAR IN THE WILD: Some very sweet men warm our hearts / Steve-O has a difficult time on The Adam Friedland Show / Meet Redbar’s newest fool, Jimmy Carr! Jimmy confuses getting cancelled with getting owned on Twitter / Jimmy tests out some bits with Mark Normand and Sam Morril on We Might Be Drunk / Mikhaila Peterson’s new health supplements and the real reason she keeps getting married / REDBAR’S WATCHING: The Heckla’ strikes again feat. Andrew Schulz! / JokeWRLD interviews and befriends Chris D’Elia / Whitney Cummings gets fully canceled by Ethan Klein’s audience on the H3 podcast + Mike’s joke-prediction comes true! / Whitney Cummings RISKY new special / MATT RIFE is in big trouble! Matt on BFF’s with Dave Portnoy + full review of his new Netflix special that everybody hated / This and much more. Enjoy!

Nov 2023


8.5 HOURS! / Jules does Mckamey Manor / Kitchen Nightmares takes on black owned businesses / “The Clip” – A damning Melton wiping incident is making the rounds! / Joe Rogan’s Spotify deal is coming to an end / Mike’s relationship with “Bestie” / Kevin Brennan papped for Perry / Whitney Cummings unleashes a hateful anti-T tirade on Netflix Improv Special / Alice Hamilton spills some juicy rumahs / PIMPS are taking over America feat. Steel Toe, Nelk Boys, and the Oppenheim twins / AI Instagram model scams Mike for $35k! / TASTE TEST: Bill Maher gives health advice on JRE, we listen! / Duncan Trussell’s “Lil Hobo” divides comedy fans on Kill Tony / Andrew Schulz sickens us feat. his father, Père Shulz / Logan Paul uses the N-WORD! (basically) TELL EVAN! / Mark Normand caught stealing jokes again + the new loophole for comedians to use the N-word / CHEAP CHAMPIONS: Who has the thinnest t-shirts ft. Comedy Mothership and Club Random / Bert Kreischer judged for being gay on Jake Paul’s BS podcast / PIZZAGATE: Joe Rogan and Elon Musk DE-EVOLVE on JRE / Tim Dillon CAUGHT ripping off Bill Hicks / Kurtis Connor – a cautionary Twitter tale about releasing comedy specials / Zane Lowe brown-noses Blink 182 / GRANDPA ALERT: Gavin McInnes BOOMS out on Chrissie Mayr’s “Simpcast” / Chris D’Elia nauseates the masses with his horrific new special, Grow Or Die. WE CHOOSE DIE! / This and much more. Enjoy!